Fair Saint Louis supports local businesses, restaurants and vendors

ST. LOUIS — Organizers and local businesses said the new location for Fair Saint Louis has been great for the local businesses featured there.

Fair Saint Louis General Chairman Tim Meers said the new location for the festivities at Kiener Plaza and Ballpark Village allowed space for many more vendors and food trucks.

“Ballpark Village is a great partner of ours, obviously it’s part of our footprint. It’s an off weekend for Cardinals and it allows a lot more people to come down and enjoy St. Louis city and you know stay in hotels, eat in restaurants and see the things that make this city so great,” Meers said.

Meers said local businesses and sponsors truly make this festival inclusive and fun for everyone.

“For 41 years, the fair has really provided this gift to the St. Louis city and surrounding area. It could not happen without the wonderful sponsors and donors that we have. It’s a long list of those who contribute to make sure this fair happens and keeps it free for everyone,” Meers said.

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