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Soft Pretzel Bites

House-made beer cheese

Chicken Wings

Boneless or bone-in
Bbq, buffalo, sweet chili, or lemon garlic herb
1 lb : 2 lbs 

Meeting on the Mound Nachos

Corn tortillas, queso blanco, jalapeños, cilantro sour cream, pico de gallo
+bbq pulled pork or ground beef

Toasted Ravioli

Handmade ground beef & Italian sausage ravioli, Italian bread crumbs, parmesan, garlic basil marinara

Chicken Quesadilla

12” herb flour tortilla, mixed cheese, green chilies, adobo marinated chicken, cilantro sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo
Salad CN

Soup & salads

Soup & salads

Housemade Soup of the Day

Chef inspired soup

Southwestern Chicken Tostada

Iceberg, romaine, roasted corn, black beans, roasted red peppers, cotija cheese, cilantro, corn tortillas, grilled chicken, tossed in cumin-lime dressing

Italian Chef

Iceberg, romaine, cherry tomatoes, egg, red onions, banana peppers, roasted red peppers, shredded mozzarella cheese, all natural turkey breast, miller ham, genoa salami, italian vinaigrette 


House mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, egg, bacon, blue cheese crumbles, fried onions, grilled chicken breast, ranch dressing

Garden Salad

Mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, mixed cheese

Blackened Chicken Caesar Salad

Traditional Caesar salad, grilled blackened chicken

Sandwiches and More

Sandwiches and More

All-Star Pulled Pork

House-made jack daniel’s bbq, creamy coleslaw, fried onions, bun

Blackened Chicken

Blackened chicken served grilled or fried, tomatoes, spring mix, monterey jack cheese, garlic aioli, brioche bun

Turkey Club

All natural turkey breast, Monterey jack cheese, corn-smoked bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, cranberry herb mayo, toasted multigrain bread 

Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap

Grilled chicken breast, wood-smoked bacon, cheddar-jack cheese, house mixed greens, ranch dressing

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Fried chicken breast, buffalo sauce, shaved iceberg, cheddar-jack cheese, blue cheese crumbles, ranch dressing

World Champion Four cheese Grilled Cheese

Mozzarella, white cheddar, Monterey jack, provolone, sourdough
+corn-smoked bacon


The Hill

All natural turkey breast, miller ham, genoa salami, mozzarella cheese, shaved lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, banana peppers, Italian vinaigrette, Italian loaf 

Italian Roast Beef

House roasted top-round, provolone, caramelized peppers & onions, giardiniera, au jus, white cheddar sauce, garlic cheese bread
Double Play Dogs

Brats & Dogs

Brats & Dogs

Bacon Mac & Cheese Dog

Creamy bacon mac & cheese

Ballpark Brat or Dog

Choice of Budweiser beer brat, bacon cheddar brat, or all beef hot dog.  Caramelized onions & sauerkraut 


Bacon bits, bell peppers, giardiniera, provel cheese

Footlong Chili Cheese Dog

House chili, mixed cheese, red onions, served with choice of side



Home Run Mac & Cheese

Cavatelli pasta, four-cheese sauce, crumb topping 
+bbq pulled pork or buffalo chicken

Sesame Seared Salmon

6 oz. atlantic salmon, sweet chili glaze, choice of two sides

Two Birds on a Plate

Blackened chicken breast, choice of two sides

Pork Chop

Center cut Frenched bone-in pork chop topped with sliced apples, choice of two sides


House-made meatloaf, blend of pork and beef, mushroom demi-glaze, choice of two sides

Facilities Fee

A 2% facilities fee will be added to the total of each check. This fee is not a tip or service charge.

Cardinals Nation Burger

Smashed Burgers

Smashed Burgers

Smashed Burger

1/3 lb certified hereford beef with garlic aioli,  shaved iceberg, tomatoes, red onions, toasted burger bun single or double 


+bbq pulled pork

Double Dill Crunch Burger

Fried pickles, white cheddar cheese, shaved iceberg, tomatoes, buffalo aioli, toasted burger bun

Double Frisco Melt

Provolone cheese, American cheese, thousand island dressing, toasted sourdough 

Fan vs Food Burger

Double cheddar smashed burger, chicken fried steak, tater tots, country gravy, fried egg

Specialty drink

Specialty Drinks

Specialty Drinks

Cardinals Lemonade

House-made lemonade with your choice of fresh blended fruit juice: Strawberry, raspberry, mango. Get it spiked with Pearl Vodka +$5

Bulleit Kentucky Buck Cocktail

Strawberry & ginger beer combined with Bulleit Bourbon to create a delicious whiskey drink

Perfect Patron Margarita

Fresh lime juice mixed with Patron silver tequila, & Cointreau liquor

A Backyard Collins

A summer-time refresher- lemons, fresh blueberries, thyme, & Pearl blueberry vodka

Russian Surfer

Pineapple juice, vodka, coconut rum, & amaretto with a splash of cranberry juice

Pineapple ginger mojito with spiced rum

A unique mojito with spiced rum, ginger, & pineapple
boozy shake CN

Boozy Slushies and shakes

Boozy Slushies and shakes

Cardinal Blue Saturday

Pineapple, lime, coconut cream, Rum Haven, and Blue Curacao 

Frozen spiked strawberry Cardinals Lemonade

Fresh-squeezed lemonade with strawberry puree & Pearl vodka

Bourbon vanilla chocolate milkshake

An adult milkshake with a kick.  Makers Mark bourbon, chocolate & vanilla ice cream

Coconut rum milkshake

Vanilla ice cream, spiced rum, coconut flakes

Banana Cream Pie

Graham crackers, fresh banana along with Bulleit rye whiskey



Raspberry gooey butter cake

A St. Louis original- buttery layered cake, raspberry, powdered sugar, vanilla ice cream

Warm Chocolate Brownie

Vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce

Crème Brulee

Rich custard, caramelized sugar, strawberry, chipped cream

Hank's Cheesecake

White chocolate raspberry cheesecake